Sunday, November 1, 2009

...mind bender...

long time not visit my with a new spirit n a new feeling i like to start wif my MIND BLENDER...anyone can answer it's really great...i dare all of u out there...

Tom, Sam, John and Henry are four combat pilots. during a training programme one day, they were left on an island with a helicopter and asked to escape to the nearest city. the helicopter could carry only two people.

1. The helicopter carried two people on each of the forward trops across the jungle and one person on each of two return trips.
2. Tom was a new recruit and was not able to fly the helicopter when anyone else was sitting in it.
3. Sam could pilot the helicopter only when John was with him.
4. Each of the four recruits piloted the helicopter at least for one trip.

Who flew the helicopter twice?...........Tom, Sam, John or Henry..

take ur time 2 think n dont forget 2 leave ur answer...
gud luck